100% Pro-Life

Brian Bair is a strong Christian and defends the right to life from the moment of conception. All unborn lives deserve the opportunity to live. Every life is formed by God in the womb at fertilization, and that alone compels our protection! Brian will fight to stop the murder of these vulnerable people.

Freedom from Mandates

Our freedoms are secured by the Constitution and God. I will fight for the right to choose what is best for us and our families. Physical and Medical freedoms include the choice to wear a mask and whether or not to be vaccinated.

2nd Amendment

Preserving the 2nd Amendment of our great Constitution, which should include Constitutional Carry, is crucial. Self-defense is a basic human right. Everyone has the right to defend themselves from evil people who seek to harm us.

Term Limits

I have signed the Term Limits pledge (organized by TermLimits.com) that I will support and vote for U.S. Term Limits:
"I Brian Bair, pledge that as a member of the state legislature I will cosponsor, vote for, and defend the resolution applying for an  Article V convention for the sole purpose of enacting term limits on Congress."

Parental Involvement

I strongly support parents speaking into their school boards regarding covid policies, and curriculum, and not be labeled extremists.

The Money Follows the Child!

I support a voucher system where the money follows the child. We pay taxes our whole lives. Letting us direct the money for our children while they are in school seems reasonable.